Yes! We have to build our classroom.

Yes!  We have to build our classroom.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 1 Housekeeping / Excavating

Housekeeping /get ready to excavate
1.       Safety…Think…be safe not sorry.
2.       Remember to pay your fees.
3.       Concurrent enrollment needs to be signed up online at UVU.  It is your responsibility to register.  I will get a roll of all of the students from UVU after the first few weeks to verify your registration.  The last day to register for concurrent enrollment is September 8th.
4.       Class syllabus explanation
5.       Attendance and Tardies.  We will follow Lone Peaks attendance policy which includes attendance school for any more than four tardies or absences in one quarter. 
6.       We will learn how to locate the depth of the sewer.
7.       We will learn how to recognize the property stakes and the building lot markers.
8.       We will install batter boards and string the exact size of the building.
9.       We will identify  hazardous conditions on our site
10.   Identify the blue stake colors.
11.   Handout Personal Information Sheet.  This must be filled out before you can work on the site.

1.       How do you know a lot is safe to excavate?  What are the colors Blue Stakes uses?
2.       How do you determine the depth of the sewer for new construction?
3.       How do you know where the property lines are?
4.       How do you mark the property lines so you can excavate and still know where the corner of the building is?
5.       What are the setbacks for our home? 

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