Yes! We have to build our classroom.

Yes!  We have to build our classroom.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sample questions for the Nail Gun Safety test

Never point the nail gun at another person.
Disconnect before attempting to pull out a lodged nail.
Check the hoses to make sure they are not cut and are in good condition.
Make sure the proper nails are in the clip correctly.
Never have your hand in the area where you are going to shoot a nail.
Never pull back the safety with your hand.
Do not nail small pieces of board.
Before using the nail gun check all safety devices.
Do not hold the trigger causing a double shot.
Watch the hose and make sure it does not become tangled in the work.
Always place the nail gun on its side.
Have the compressor up to 100 psi before using.
Never reach under the workpiece during nailing.
Keep away from your head because it may kick back.
Use eye protection when close to the gun even if you are not using it.
Stay out of down range when someone is using the gun. .
Contact the instructor immediately if the gun does not fire correctly.

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