Yes! We have to build our classroom.

Yes!  We have to build our classroom.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sample stair questions

What is the most important concern in stairway design?
Most residential stairways are _________________________ wide.
Exterior concrete stairs with closed treads and risers should have a ____________________ slope on the tread for water drainage.
What is the total rise for our stairs? _______________________
What is the total run for our stairs?_______________________
How far should the stair nosing overhang the riser?_________________________
Which has more in a set of stairs? Risers or Treads _____________
How many risers would you need for a total rise of 108" ___________________
How many treads would you need for the above question? ___________________
What is the maximum deviation in a set of risers and treads? _________________
Name one kind of stairs other than a straight run. ________________
What is the standard particle board super tread size? ___________________
How many risers will your need if the total rise is 49"?_________________
How many treads will you need if the total rise of 49"__________________
How tall is the optimum riser in commercial buildings?_________________
If a set of stairs changes more than three eighths of an inch in either the rise or the run, it is considered a _____________________ __________________ by today’s standards.
Exterior stairs must have a minimum tread of __________________inches.
The maximum rise for a set of residential stairs  is________________inches.

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