Yes! We have to build our classroom.

Yes!  We have to build our classroom.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today we place our concrete.

 It is 7 AM and first concrete truck finally arrives.  NOTE:  He got lost so we had to chase him down.
We installed a grade beam.  This sets the level for the rest of the concrete in the garage.
 We use concrete rakes to level as best we could.
 Then we used a screed  to make sure the concrete was flat. 
Next we use a gandi to bring the cream to the top.  This will give us a good finish.
 Who ordered this concrete?  We were short one yard!
 We are now placing concrete from the second truck.
 The garage is finished.  So we are now working on the family room. 
 Here we are placing the concrete from the third truck in our crawl space.  Wow!  This is a lot of work. 
This is a striking tool used to install the control joints. 
 We use knee boards to keep us afloat while we trowel the concrete to a smooth finish. 
 Everyone is helping make this the best job possible.
 This is our garage and family room all finished.
At the end of the day, we used three concrete trucks, and twenty one students to make a concrete floor flat and smooth.  This is another day we made a difference.     Great Job Everyone!!!

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