Yes! We have to build our classroom.

Yes!  We have to build our classroom.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Safety Equipment is Important

In addition to our personal protective equipment  we discussed specific equipment available to ensure the safety of construction workers.  
Our training in the use of  Fall Tech systems included but was not limited to:   
1.   Before using the worker must be trained by a competent person to properly inspect, use, store and maintain this equipment according to the requirements of ANSI Z359
2.   Proper anchorage to withstand  a static load of 5,000 pounds.  Install anchors according to OSHA's  requirements... 5  three and a half inch long screws into a truss or sixteen 16d nails in solid blocking.
3.  Total distance freefall (Max 6 feet)  plus lanyard Shock Absorber Deceleration of 3.5 feet.
4.   Be aware of your surroundings and avoid all swing hazards.
5.   Have a rescue and evacuation plan in place before using the equipment.
6.   Avoid sharp edges.
7.  Connecting subsystems must never be tied together.
8.   Each system must be attached to the anchorage system as defined by OSHA.
9.   This system is designed for one fall only.   If a fall occurs the system must then be discarded.  Only new systems with a new lanyard shock absorber may be used.
10.   Always check equipment before use to make sure all systems are in good working order.   If there are any questions, contact your immediate supervisor. 
11.   Maximum capacity 310 pounds, one person plus clothing, tools, etc.
The scaffolding allowed us to finish  installing the exterior OSB (Oriented Strand Board).   NOTE:   When scaffolding is higher than five feet from the ground, a guard rail must be used.

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